One of the most important aspects to consider in our everyday life is the place where we live :


We always tend to consider pollution like an external phenomenon and we worry about the smog and the water contamination . We don’t realize that the domestic pollution is 65- 200 times higher than the external one, an apparently safe environment could hide many dangers.

The National Research Council led a study about domestic pollution, in order to protect people involved in housecare. In fact, there are many dangerous substances that we come in contact with everyday, more than 150 and they could have negative on our health and environment. There is a heterogenous mixture of substances in thehouse dust, among which we can recognize molds, pollen, food residues, residues of organic and synthetic hair, pet dander.

The predominant allergenic component is however formed of mites (Dermatophagoides Pteronyssinus, Dermatophagoides Farinae and Euroglyphus Maynei). The reduction of the concentration of mites in the domestic environment should be considered as the main treatment for the prevention and the cure of many allergic deseases caused by them. In a simple and efficacious way, the equipment provides both regeneration and air ionization from contaminants, similar to the action of rain.


acaroThey are small animals invisible to the naked eye (approximately 1/3 mm), which grow in warm and wet environments (temperature range 20°C/ 30°C and humidity over 55% ), they mainly feed on derivatives of human and animal skin, small quantities of dandruff are enough to feed thousand of mites for several weeks (a man produce an average of 500mg-1000mg by day! ). The allergenic substances are contained in the fragments of dead mites and especially in their fecal particles.
Those allergens, when in contact with skin or the respiratory mucosa of allergic individual, produce an inflammatory reaction that may come with itching, dermatitis, rhinitis, conjunctivitis and asthma. Mites are considered to be cosmopolitan, they are everywhere where humidity and temperature are compatible with their survival and reproduction, so that World

Organization for Health recognized the domestic mites an issue of the world public health. Their presence in homes is basically inevitable; wherever there are upholstered sofas, pillows, carpets, plush toys, blankets…
The presence of mites in our homes has increased due to the introduction of heating, adopting fixtures that reduce the exchange of air and other environmental factors (air conditioning, carpet, walls and furniture).