Eliminates all forms of pollution and unpleasant odors from the environments where you live and work.Combats and limits the formation of bacteria and mold. It ‘a stabilizer of humidity. It’s an air ionizer . Disinfects and neutralizes bad odors. Turns the room in a clean, fresh and healthy environment.
– Wherever you are, without realizing you are breathing unhealthy air. Some sources of pollution are: dust, carbon particles, chemical deodorants, mites, hair spray, pet odors, tobacco smoke, pollen, formaldehyde, particles chemical in the air, bacteria and molds. All other harmful particles that the air is carrying .
The Naturlive is an air treatment system that uses the natural forces of the water in combination with natural essences. It regenerates, ionizes, humidifies / dehumidifies, disinfects and eliminates bad odors. After turning on the Naturlive, the result can be seen after only few minutes.
– air regenerate
-antibacterial UV Lamp
-humidify / dehumidify
-ionizer (negative ions)
-perfume (Evit Line)
-chromotherapy (RGB lights)
-scheduling (on/off)
-silent mode
-UV Lamp
The UV lamps have the function to eliminate various types of microorganisms, with an ultraviolet germicidal radiation, harmless to the human eye. Such a system is able to perform an effective disinfection of the water for the purification of the air without the addition of chemicals (example: chlorine-based disinfectants, etc.).
Chromotherapy is a form of alternative meicine that involves exposing a person to colored light beams.
It has been proven that the body and the human mind, under certain circumstances, draw benefit at the exposure to some colors.
There are specific colors that help relax, others are energizing, others are extremely calming and so on.
Evit, natural essential solution , help us to be more resistant to disease, mindful and sensitive to the subtle signals that our body sends us. . Aromatherapy is an easy way to keep fit.